II-VI (Opto)electronic Device Facilities Mechanic in Easton, Pennsylvania

SUMMARY: The Facilities Mechanic is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the large industrial systems used to support a semiconductor test environment in Easton, PA. Successful candidate will have experience maintaining UPS, generators, pump systems and chillers as well as general purpose maintenance activities. Experience in a clean room environment is preferred. The position is responsible for independent thought and action and is also responsible for being aware of the impact of those actions on the facility and the other employees.


· Maintain and coordinate maintenance activities of major industrial equipment

· Keep records of maintenance contracts; track renewal periods; schedule activities

· Monitor building systems adherence to spec

· Maintain maintenance logs

· Be able to independently address minor facilities issues and be able to escalate larger issues accordingly


· Obtain quotes and manage contractors for small construction activities

· Installation, operation, repair and maintenance of building support systems such as:

o Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

o Chilled water maintenance, pump maintenance and repair

o Generator exercise and monitoring

o Compressors and distribution equipment

o Vacuum pumps

o Building control systems

o De-ionized water production equipment

o Bulk solvent delivery systems

· Qualify as an Emergency Response Team member and adhere to all requirements thereof

· Routine monitoring of equipment performance via checklists and other methods of data collection

· Handling, sorting, and disposal of solid and liquid chemical wastes generated in a Wafer fabrication facility


· Some office modifications may be required on occasion

· General facilities maintenance activities

· Equipment and production area moves

· Laboratory fabrication and modification